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Welcome to the Ranch at Debden, Saskatchewan !

Pen cleaned

Kiddo - Our foundation Quarter Pony sire 12.3hh

We raise a small variety of puppies. Small breeds are whelped in the house, large breeds in the kennel which have ceramic tile floors and metal lined for easy cleaning. Pens are cleaned every day. We love our dogs and spend a lot of time with them. I had a guy that came pretending to buy a puppy. He took a picture of the only pen I didn't have cleaned. I had moved some dogs from another pen and put them in there while I was cleaning their pen so there was extra dogs in that pen. The pen is 4' x 8' and has a doggy door so the dogs have free access to outside. Some of the dogs do go inside on the paper. That's life. Dogs poop and pee. Our outside runs are cleaned daily too. It is a full time chore. We warranty our pups and have a lot of happy customers. Anyone in business knows you can't please all the people all the time. This is not just a business it is a labor of love. But someone has to pay for the dog food. Our dogs all have names, blankets and toys. We do get inspected by the SPCA and the thing the hurt me most was the vet they brought with last time, told us that if we couldn't get rid of a dog or wanted to retire some breeders that we should take them out and shoot them. I was devastated. That is not an option in our minds. I could not believe that a vet who is supposed to like dogs would say such a thing. Or is he just in it for the money. If you are serious about buying a pup come on out to meet the parents and pups but please don't just come snooping and wasting out time. Life is too short for that.  Ps.To those of you who sent nasty emails and calls, your mother should have washed your mouth out with soap. Shame on you!

  At Horses Deluxe, we are dedicated to excellence and integrity in the horse and dog industry. I am a certified English instructor. I have shown English and Western horses in the past. We buy, sell, train and board horses and ponies. If I don't have what you are looking for, I will try to help you find it. We specialize in quiet, trail safe,  mid size ponies.The focus of our program is HD Kiddo, a buckskin Quarter Pony, standing 12.3 h.h. Most of the mares are Pony of the Americas.  
  We also hand make tack specially for mid size ponies. Fancy or plain.

Have a nice day from Horses Deluxe

Boo's 2010 colt with Reba
Bonding between horses and dogs

Thanks for taking a look at our photos. Please be sure to get in touch with any comments!